I was in great distress and anxiety over my three year old daughter who had been ill for many weeks; lost her appetite completely and lost weight rapidly from that, despite consulting with paediatricians, using supplements and healing modalities.  There was no significant shift in her getting better.  

The insight Jann provided as to what my child was experiencing gave me the 'chills' with the accuracy of reading our situation.  She generously and most lovingly invested her time and a session that she gifted my daughter with.  

That session, and what came up, 'blew me away', to say the least!

Perhaps the biggest and most emotional confirmation of Jann's amazing work for me was when my daughter asked for food.  She wanted to eat, which is something she had literally not done for many days.  We were at the stage of having to consider alternative ways to feed her.

Her spirits were lifted and she began to play a little, despite being weak.

It has been three weeks since Jann's session with my daughter and slowly but surely she has begun eating again.  Her health is improving and we do not have to go through the gruelling medical procedures of more blood tests and strong medication.

Jann was the answer to my prayer and I will never have enough words to thank her.

Laila G.

Image by Chermiti Mohamed

You have the ability to help so many people, which you do with honesty and I love that about you.  I can honestly say that you are definitely not like any other so-called healers that I have come across.  I love that you are true to yourself and work from the heart - it is a rare quality.

Middle Aged Woman

Casey Johnson