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Taking Action

Updated: Jul 19, 2020

Have you ever felt stuck - I mean really stuck - on your journey of awakening? Sometimes the entire process can seem like an up-hill struggle ending with procrastination and total lack of motivation. This is not all pure chance of course. Our very nature is more allied to hibernation than dealing with those huge tasks we somehow keep simmering in the background. It seems to be the nature of the beast that the more we move forward, the further back we seem to be. But this is mostly misinformed perception. We are truly evolving in each moment, although until we align with the flow of that movement, we place ourselves in what appears to be a very different scenario.

Let me share from my own experience. After all, this is how we learn best. The stories of others, however entertaining, can never replace our own first-hand experience. But first, let me paint a brief illustration. Do you ever find yourself constantly putting off a task, even a small one, knowing it is full time to get round to dealing with it, yet something always whispers it can wait? The whispering voice, or internal urge to ignore, is very much a part of us. It represents many internal aspects that are simply unready to exchange lethargy for action - even a small one. This is because taking action actually effects a change within - not merely "outside", where the action appears to happen - but sometimes quite deeply within us. Such action steps very often involve going over things that have been left undone. Perhaps sorting an attic room, clearing of cluttered wardrobes, etc.. The state of the external home really does have a relationship to the internal one. The feeling of knuckling down to clearing out a cupboard can actually bring a surprising feeling of upliftment, as though a weight has been lifted. And indeed it has.

We relate to the outside world even as the inside one. When I appeared to be floundering on my own journey to share the experience and offer a safe space for others, I simply refused to take action. I didn't really notice this, although it took the space of more than one year in time. I was full of pretending to do things but in reality I was hiding from the fear of being seen in the world. When I fully chose to start a facebook group and then determine to set up a website (small steps, you might think), things began to change rapidly. I had actually - finally - decided to step forward and do what I had been urged to for several years. The day i paid for my site (money represents strong forward movement, change and commitment), my intuitive abilities burgeoned even more and I began to discover the ability to gain the core root of whatever issue i was presented with. This is something that has plagued me for over twenty years - how to fully resolve issues without the bouncing ball effect of having to keep revisiting the same scenarios.

With every decision to change, there must be a corresponding action. This may represent either the feminine or masculine side of our nature. It may be taking some time to truly nurture ourselves, do some reading or creative work. Or it may be taking a more masculine step of direct action - making that call, arranging something, making a practical, action step. Whatever the moment calls for, action in some form is the answer. A decision without any type of action is merely wishful thinking.

I encourage you to truly step-out. To make valued and valuable decisions for every aspect of your life, and then take the required action to further them into bringing all the puzzle pieces together. You will always find (if you look closely enough) that you never take valuable action without a corresponding response from the universe.

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