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Spiritual Parasites & Personas

The question of parasites could fill an entire library. There are so many types and varieties including off-planet, earthly and occasional occupancy! The range of spiritual parasites (often referred to under the umbrella term entities) is enormous. All have a specific aim, whether it be general disruption, investigation or total domination. Some may try to oust the human soul in order to take over their vessel.

Very few people give thought or credence to the existence of other-worldly beings able to oppress and control an individual. However, the truth is that it is a huge topic, one which many shy from simply because they fear being labelled or ridiculed. There seems to be a stigma attached to owning up to being under oppression by non-lighted sentient energies. However, this need not be. This is far from uncommon. Many millions of people go about their daily lives unaware they are being host to unwanted attached energies. For many, these seem to have little impact, however. For many more their situation has become totally untenable, creating the unavoidable need to address and rectify the deep states that come upon them with the presence of such energies and the turmoil they experience as part of their daily lives.

Attachments of all types use cording to attach to the energy body of an individual (see also post on cords). These enable a convenient connection to be used to direct-link to someone and also to bring in and harness other energies in the form of emotions and limiting beliefs. These are often harvested from the collective (see also collective consciousness). If it were to end here, it would be a conundrum of itself. However, these beings (for want of a better term) are able to utilize "friendly fire" in order to further their aims. That term refers to the enabling assistance proffered from our own perceived fractured parts, identities and personas. A persona or identity we hold with limiting emotions, for example, anxiety, may draw in the energetic expression from an attachment. Why? This is a little more complex to explain.

Through repeated emotional turbulence or trauma, the resultant personas appear to 'rest' within our energy; in other words they are apparently cut off at the time or moment of an event that is too traumatic or severe to deal with. Hence we may be a complex template of any number and condition of personas playing out in our field and our lives. Personas can band together or bind, linking to similar emotional tones carried by each, and present a unified front of resistance. This resistance is aimed at denying the present moment in favour of the moment immediately proceeding from the apparent hurt. Stuck thus, fractured aspects of mind remain disconnected and in denial. The reason they become, in some instances, a force to be reckoned with, is because having established their own perceptions of the way things are, they are totally unwilling to perceive any other way. Again, we might query why this is. The answer is usually that of fear. Having dug-in, so to speak, as an independent mini identity, a persona's task is to preserve itself. Usually, this preservation is more specific. It is very often an attempt to preserve an outlook or stance. For example, a persona holding onto grief may resist relinquishing this feeling because it wishes to hold a grudge - usually against the person perceived to have dumped the emotion on them - or perhaps it feels a sense of indignant righteousness and needs to be right about the original causative event. Of course, personas are merely our own senses playing out in a multitude of ways. And there are a multitude of them to play out! A huge fear threading through persona groups is that, to lose their identity, they will die. This is simply a representation of a universal fear of humanity (and much is also harnessed by personas from the collective) which entrenches them firmly in a condition of unflexibility and determination to ignore attempts to resolve their pain.

Personas (or mini identities) will often be willing to energetically allow the control of non-Divine sentient energies in order to maintain their stance. Remembering the fear that healing for them equals death, they are keen to allow any energetic support to remain intact. There is a symbiotic relationship flow occurring in this way when attachments link to the energy of someone. In order to rectify this and for the removal of attached energies it is relevant to focus upon the 'identity crisis' of the personas, enabling them not only to resolve the emotional issues that entrap them but also to unravel and release the energy of attachments. In this way reattachment becomes less likely and identities responsible for carrying dense emotions are freed of these dissonant energies. When groups of personas are freed in this way beneficial energetic shifts can take place which can be experienced and realized in many ways, including physical, emotional, mental and energetic.

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