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Visit From A Dog

Updated: Jul 19, 2020

There are many times we seek portents or confirmations that we are never alone, and that those who love us are always near and very much interested in our daily lives. It is something I never doubt, although there may be times of forgetfulness, when it seems we appear separate from the loving comfort of those we love. Let's face it, it probably takes a degree of concerted effort also not only for a caring presence to make themselves known to us but also for us to truly be aware of their efforts. This came about in a very real way, not only for me, but for several members of my family at a time we really needed it.

There had been a breach in the family. We children - five in number - had somehow come to loggerheads over an issue with family papers. This was significant for many reasons. The first was that we were always so very close. From a very young age I had, I suppose, always felt a little sad that other children grew up in a family different from our own. A child's-eye view perhaps, but we had everything on hand to ensure the best possible life available to us. More than this, there was always a closeness between all the children which never wavered nor was ever watered down.

A difference of opinion over some legal papers and their stipulated requirements appeared to be the water that seeped into our relationship-bond. Words were pressed home and umbridge taken at a very emotional time for all. The resultant outcome created a breach that, for some, appeared just too huge to repair. It took some effort to move on from this for all of us and it would have been wonderful to have a little comfort and reassurance that the part we had chosen was the right one.

A short while after this I had opportunity to speak to both a sister and brother who both reported marked experiences. My brother had been sitting in the lounge at home when he heard the sound of something falling to the floor from the kitchen. He went to investigate, and discovered a magnet had fallen from the fridge. It was some kind of uplifting message, which I no longer recall. Having replaced it, he again sat down in the lounge only to hear the same sound again. The magnet had fallen to the floor once more. This happened a third time, when he actually took the time to read the quote attached to the thing. The words hit home so powerfully and were so apt for his recent experiences, he had no doubt at all that someone intended him to read these words and gain comfort from them.

My sister, very shortly afterwards, reported that our mother and father had visited her in the night. She said she could feel their presence very strongly and that they remained for some time with her. She shared this with me a short while later. I recall wondering why it was that they had both had these experiences and I was aware of nothing, and how wonderful it would be to experience something like this.

The same night, as I lay sleeping, I became aware of a wakefulness steal upon me. I knew I was definitely asleep, yet I also seemed to be consciously awake. I have experienced this a few times before and so it was familiar to me. As I became aware of this, I felt a movement on my bed. Infact several movements. There is no doubt whatsoever that there were two dogs walking on my bed. One was at the foot and the other was moving around beside me. I lay on my side and I was aware of a small head poking beneath the covers into the gap created by my sleeping position. I knew this was Emma, my mother's small dog. I intended to reach out to touch her and to my surprise I actually could. Even though my arms remained motionless beside me, still I could reach out and touch her. I felt the soft fur, the warmth of her skin and felt the gentle movement she made. I was so enthralled by this experience. I so wanted it to last; but just as it had begun, I spoiled it by trying to call out to Emma. I recall trying to speak her name yet no sound came. Of course, it was fine, she would have heard me call to her, although I felt I had to speak aloud to be heard and in trying to do so, woke myself. If ever I could form a regret it would be that I did so. The moment of waking dissolved the connection and I felt alone again, torn between self-admonition and incredible gratitude at what had occurred.

There are moments of trial, of despair and uncertainty which we all face at some time. It is this that helps us grow from the seedling to the imposing flower. It is a great comfort to know that when rough winds tend to shake us, there is always a presence beside us wishing us the best, and sometimes willing to impress this wish upon us in a very real way. It is something we never forget; a moment captured in the heart - ever available to re-visit and reconnect with the love shared.

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