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Collective Consciousness

Many healers will be familiar with the term collective consciousness or collective mind or even mass mind. These are all terms for the same thing. The collective consciousness is the field of energy (everything is composed of energy - absolutely everything) that links the common or personal mind to the host mind of humanity. It has been said that we are all inextricably linked, and we are. The group mind miasm is a very real energy and we all dip into it in a variety of ways. The more emotional baggage we hold, the more the propensity to link into the wider collective energy signature that corresponds to this, for example worthlessness.

But there is significantly more at play here than may be revealed by a cursory glance. We each have an unlimited number of personas or mini identities at play in our energy. These are moments where there is an emotional disconnect. This may be due to trauma on any level or an overload of stress or even those which maintain a stance that there is something missing in life. An example of this would be a withholding of a quality such as nurturing or understanding. These personas have the ability to maintain their position of non-conformity through a complex need system which often includes filching corresponding lacks and emotions from the collective consciousness. Very often this is undertaken to prove a stance, for example a need to be right or validated. Thus most personas are adept at keeping the present quality of their experience, albeit it against our natural choice and indeed without any conscious awareness of these actions at all.

Another significant factor which may be woven into this tapestry is that of non-Divine energies, attachments - or as some broadly refer to them - entities. Manipulative attached energies will also harness and bring into a persons' energy a corresponding emotion or condition held by the individual from the collective consciousness in order to reinforce this emotion in order to manipulate and disrupt. There are many who are able to perceive and remove these attached energies although it is important to undo all manipulations pertaining to them to avoid reinfestation.

The aim is never to disconnect from each other collectively. It is more a process of unraveling that which no longer serves us in order to reduce the propensity of non serving connections being enabled. This is the journey into Wholeness.

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