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Updated: Jul 19, 2020

For someone unfamiliar with the terms used by energy or spiritual healers, it can be difficult to understand exactly what is being referred to. Although some healers do ascribe different meanings to some things, most tend to use similar wording to identify energetic interruptions or interference.


Cords are energetic links that connect from one person to another. They can also connect to someone and link into their family lineage, for example, as pressure to hold onto a certain way of thinking, an attitude or family discipline. Cords can also be linked from the collective consciousness (see separate post on this), and filch a lot of energy from an individual.

Cords can be connected to and located at almost any place in the energetic field of a person. They can also split to form several connections. As energetic attachments, cords are relatively uncomplicated to remove. The complicated part is that sometimes we are called upon to unravel a lot of emotional baggage in order to fully and finally resolve and remove cords, as in the case of two people who have shared a very close, albeit turbulent, relationship. Sometimes there are underlying presenting issues to be solved prior to fully removing cords.

Essentially, cords can steal energy and lead to a feeling of depletion and tiredness with no apparent cause. Many cords together can exacerbate almost any other presenting issue or concern, serving as they do to syphon energy of the host. Most people are corded in some way to others, although not everyone is aware of this. Removing cords completes a cycle that may have been set up years ago and contributes to clearing and cleaning one's own energy. In some cases where domination and control have been involved, removal of cords can be truly liberating.

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