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Whether you’re facing physical distress, emotional turbulence or mental disruptions, energy healing/spiritual healing can redress the balance between your present life experience and your true wholeness, in the most expansive sense of the word.  Welcome to Energy Healing Transformations, a unique spiritual service based in Wiltshire, England. Take a look around, explore my site, and see what I can do for you.

With over twenty years' experience of helping guide people to where they want to be, I am sure you will find something to both inspire and ignite that spark for greater expansion and change.

Already opened up to self-focus work? Great!  Dubbed the light-workers' light-worker, I am sure I can help.

Jann Moores, Multi-intuitive Energy Healer, healer training facilitator, Intuitive Strategist, Sacred Activations Master Practitioner, Akashic Records Practitioner, Tao Hands facilitator


My Journey

Healing Powers

From humble beginnings, my healing path has spanned many years and expanded to a comprehensive embracing of many modalities and abilities blessing me with far greater insight.  From relationships, emotional issues and blocks to spiritual parasites (entities), my journey has gently unfolded and I continue to be both inspired and tremendously grateful for the Divine support throughout. 
I am proud to be a facilitator for Tao Hands Blessing. This energy transmission, based upon the direct sharing of Divine Light, Compassion and Forgiveness, gently unravels and dissolves blocks of all kinds in a very nurturing and supportive way, building upon itself until the issue is completely resolved.   
My focus is to bring forth awareness and healing through loving transformation on every level.


Happy, Fulfilled Clients


Your accuracy in the details just blows me away every time! You are God Sent!  I listen to so many healers on the telesummits and I honour each one of them but you are on a whole other level with your work.  No other healer has been so accurate in every detail, gone so deep and been so life changing in a session.

L. Galassi


I have suffered with endometriosis for most of my adult life which has been pretty debilitating every single month, preventing me from being able to do many things.  You have provided me freedom from this and alleviated the pain I was experiencing, which is nothing short of a miracle.  For the first time ever, I've been able to avoid taking the medication for this and have been able to continue with my day to day life as normal.  I am incredibly grateful for all you have done for me which has improved my quality of life.

C. Phillips


This is very personal, but I really wanted to thank you.  You were doing a live clearing session recently and you worked on me too.  Lots of unworthiness/self love stuff, as usual.  Well, maybe a day after the clearing I was finally able to orgasm when being with my partner, which is something I was never able to do.  I have had the belief that I am unworthy of being loved and happy.  Something has definitely shifted now!

Peta Marsh


You were so accurate.  It was really amazing, so much detail.  The ages you gave when events happened were all very accurate.  I noticed some shifts in my energy straight away and after listening to your recording I noticed warmth on the left side of my face.  I feel complete relief, understood and heard.

N. Jones

Man with Tattoo

I made it through yesterday without being sick again.  Two days in a row!  Last night was the first meal I have eaten with my family in almost three weeks.  It felt good to do that. I can see the light at the end of the tunnel.  Hugs.

M. Beers

Image by Mitchell Orr

I have had many healings over several years with various healers, but nothing compares to the depth and level that Jann works. 

I had so many layers of deep rooted trauma and negative beliefs and many non serving negative attachments and entities.  I had lost all confidence of finding the right healer until i met Jann. [She] got to the core of deep rooted issues that kept me in this loop of constant psychic attacks.  She detected and released and then integrated the space for healing.  My heart and soul thank you for all your healing and support.

Sindy D.


"I had chosen two possible energy healers to work with (you were the third - sorry!).  ~They both sounded good and I couldn't decide who to go with. In the end I decided to toss a coin and let that decide for me!  It landed between the sofa cushions, on its edge!  However,  I listened.  I chose the third one.  You won.  Or rather, I did!  
Thank you, Universe!"

S. Makepeace


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